Flooring Systems

Flooring is the most important feature in any building to make it beautiful, practical and add a sense of personality.

Flooring Systems

In addition to aesthetic purposes, flooring also contributes to the protection of building structure. The floor is the finishing and the material most touched by the regular user of any building, structure or home. Any building you set foot into, you come in contact with its floor. Beneath your feet, there is an entire system of carefully crafted layers and parts which go together to create this finished look. We focus on indoor air quality, low VOC and odor, system durability with minimal maintenance requirements, easy and economic floor refurbishment and low energy demand in the life cycle.

Our flooring solutions meet the highest requirements for industrial floor systems. BuildIN has successfully executed flooring projects with automotive sector, pharmaceuticals and a wide range of other industrial operations. Based on our decades of experience we will provide you with the best solution for ys3our individual needs. We take into account the design life, your operational requirements, surface design and installation details. To know more about our services, checkout our projects or get in touch with our experts. The flooring system solutions that we provide include:

1. Concrete Flooring

Concrete floors are used as the base slab for most commercial and industrial floor finishes. They are characterized by high quality, durability and versatility relative to cost. Concrete also contributes to hygiene and good air quality as it's resistant to fire, stains, water, bacteria, odors, and it cures to provide a completely seamless, smooth floor with no cracks, gaps or joints. Since one of the key characteristics of concrete flooring is ability to withstand pressure from heavy equipment, such as trucks or forklifts, it’s frequently used in warehouses, factories and production facilities.

2. Industrial Floor Coating

Industrial coating systems and topcoats are the most important and often only practical solution to protect steel against corrosion, acid and fire. Lack of protection or improper application of coating systems frequently lead to problems with the visual appearance of the structure and even more crucially, structural degradation and possible failure. Appropriate protective coatings and regular maintenance ensure long-term protection of steel structures and can avoid cost-intensive total repair or even decommissioning. Our extensive engineering background at BuildIn enables us to offer expert tailoring of practical, robust and high-performance acid protection, corrosion protection and fire protection solutions based on your coating requirements.

3. Decorative Floor Coating

Decorative, seamless resin floor systems offer endless possibilities for creative flooring design. It can be stained by any color which gives you the options to combine it with decorative aggregates, graphics, brand imagery, logos applied in different application methods to achieve unique interior design. Our selection of decorative floor coating systems gives you the options to suit any space with the combination of beauty and strength that you need.

4. Car Park & Traffic Coating

Floor coating systems for parking garages must meet the highest demands as outdoor, multi-story and underground car parks are subject to many different stresses, including atmospheric conditions, automotive fluids as well as vehicular and pedestrian traffic load. BuildIN uses a wide range of durable floor coating systems with high wear and chemical resistance features that that reduces vibrations and traffic noise and ensures watertightness and are designed to meet the requirements of specific areas of a car park structure, including ground bearing slabs, intermediate decks, top decks and exposed areas as well as ramps and entrance areas. We also use flooring solutions with a wide range of color options, which fulfills specific design demands. Our team of experts uses application technologies that ensure short downtime of parking garages with money saving and the best quality.

5. Food & Beverage Factory Flooring

Food and beverage factories include a vast array of project types - A dairy or beverage plant. A catering or industrial kitchen. A slaughterhouse or fish packing facility. A bakery. A fruit and vegetable processing plant. A snack production facility. Freezers, bottling lines, raw material processing, packaging and storage areas. These are a few examples of business and areas that exist in the food processing industry. Each of them has its own specific requirements for flooring, walls, and other surfaces whether for new construction or renovation. Choosing and installing the right floor is critical to every work environment, and here comes the role of BuildIN expertise to assist with our strong technical background in order to fulfill the three critical factors in a food processing factory – Hygiene, Safety & Durability.

6. Sports Flooring

Multi-purpose sports floor systems should provide comfort and safety for training and competition combined with different levels of resistance to mechanical loads. It is installed in sports facilities, schools, universities, ballet academies, tennis and fitness centers, you will find our sports floors everywhere.


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