Diamond Wire Sawing

If you want to remove a large area of heavily reinforced concrete at a location where there are access restriction and speed as well as a depth of cutting are critical factors, diamond wire sawing is the ideal solution.

Diamond Wire Sawing

For instance, if you want to cut a large section of columns and beams in a bridge deck ensuring excellent speed and extensive depth of cutting, then diamond wire sawing & cutting is the right alternative. When track saws fail to deliver the desired result, consider wire sawing as the perfect choice. The technology is also commonly used in the construction industry to cut flush to existing walls. It is also a perfect alternative to traditional stitch drilling.

How Cutting Is Performed Using Diamond Wire Sawing:

In Diamond wire sawing and cutting, a wire permeated with diamond beads is wrapped around the structure to be cut and run through a series of pulleys to
perform cuts. We can use wire of any desired length to obtain any required depth. Using this diamond encrusted wire and pulley system, we can cut any awkward shape much easier and faster way. While cutting operation is on, the pulley system auto adjusts the tension to achieve desired depth of the cut until the job is finished. The wire saw can be operated from a remote distance so increases the safety onsite. The technique is also used to cut concrete, or any other construction material located beneath the water. In short, when no other cutting or drilling technology fits the project, wire sawing makes the right choice.


Key Benefits of Diamond Wire Sawing:

  • Suitable for endless cutting depth 
  • Smooth, clean finish cuts in an easier and faster way 
  • Non-percussive cutting method 
  • Doesn’t produce noise and fume onsite 
  • Safe concrete cutting and drilling assured 
  • Whether you need to cut vertically, horizontally or at any angle, diamond wire saws are highly flexible 
  • Using diamond wire sawing technology, there is no damage caused to the surrounding structure onsite. 
  • Remove large areas of reinforced concrete within access restricted locations 
  • Alternative to traditional stitch drilling 
  • Can cut underwater 
  • Cut flush to existing walls

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