Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Fabrics

Carbon fiber has very high tensile strength and is also very lightweight.

Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Fabrics

When bonded to the exterior of a concrete column, beam, or slab, it can add significant strength without adding weight that would increase the load on foundations and other structural members. The composite material is called fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP). FRP wraps are easy to apply and can be used on any size or shape of structural member. Traditional techniques for strengthening, such as adding concrete and reinforcing steel around the outside of a structural member (often with shotcrete), external post-tensioning, or adding structural steel supports (shoring) often are more expensive due to the extra work to get everything into place.

The primary reason to use this technique is to add strength to an existing structure. In some cases, it might be used on new construction, although at this time that is usually only in response to some sort of design or construction error. Carbon fiber wrapping for columns has become is an ideal alternative to the traditional method of structural strengthening due to the flexibility in use of carbon fiber mesh which makes it easy to wrap it around structures that are unsuitable to traditional methods. Fiber wrapping concrete columns improve durability and reduces the need for further maintenance and repair work.


  • Carbon fiber wrapping for columns is beneficial for improving the performance of the structure against seismic activity.
  • Fiber wrapping concrete columns act as a shield to corrosion. The carbon fiber wrap concrete repairs and reinforce the concrete structures ▪ Application of carbon fiber to the exterior of a concrete column, beam, or slab, adds significant strength without giving additional weight on foundations and other structural members .
  • Fiber wrapping are a cost-effective method and safe against seismic events or natural disasters .
  • Carbon fiber wrap concrete repairs the buildings that are damaged or dilapidated .

Carbon Fiber Wrapping for Industrial and Commercial Buildings

Carbon fiber wrapping for columns or carbon fiber reinforced concrete is applicable in various construction projects. They work towards building maintenance or concrete structure strengthening for residential or industrial buildings, commercial properties, industrial chimneys and bridges. Carbon fiber wrapping for industrial purposes applies to strengthen structures subject to heavy loading and machinery vibrations. The application of carbon fiber wrapping for commercial enables repairing apartment buildings, sports arenas, concrete slabs, and more