Concrete Jacketing

One of the challenges in strengthening concrete structures is the selection of strengthening methods that will enhance the strength and serviceability of the structure while addressing limitations such as constructability, building operations, and budget.

Concrete Jacketing

Additional strength may be needed due to the deficiency in the structure's ability to carry the original design loads. Deficiencies may be the result of deterioration. Jacketing is the most popularly used method for strengthening of building Columns.

Concrete jacketing is probably the mostly used technique for the strengthening of RC members. The jacket increases both the flexural strength and the shear strength of the beam or the column. It is constructed either with cast-in-place concrete or, more often, with shotcrete. The method involves the addition of a layer of reinforced concrete in the form of the jacket using longitudinal steel reinforcement and transverse steel ties outside the perimeter of the existing member (Figure 1).

Concrete jacketing involves adding a new layer of concrete with longitudinal reinforcement and closely spaced ties. The jacket increases both the flexural strength and the shear strength of the beam or the column.



  • Increases the seismic resistance of the building without any demolition. 
  • Increases the ductile behavior and lateral load capability of the building strength 
  • Improves the stiffness of the building

Reinforced concrete jacketing can be employed as a repair or strengthening scheme. Damaged regions of the existing members should be repaired prior to their jacketing. There are two main purposes of jacketing of columns:

1. Increase in the shear capacity of columns in order to accomplish a strong column-weak beam design. 2. To improve the column's flexural strength by the longitudinal steel of the jacket made continuous through the slab system are anchored with the foundation. It is achieved by passing the new longitudinal reinforcement through holes drilled in the slab and by placing new concrete in the beam-column joints as illustrated.


  • Strengthening of column using additional concrete
  • Analyzing the existing building for the additional live load

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