Mechanical Demolition

BuildIn offers thoroughly planned and controlled mechanical demolition services that cover all types of projects, small or large, simple or complex.

Mechanical Demolition

We plan each project meticulously and with careful consideration, whilst making safety our top priority. Owning our own machinery and equipment also means we can pass any cost savings directly to you.

Each project comprises of an initial building or site survey which in turn contains detailed information about the structures to be demolished, location of the works, the surrounding environment and any risks involved. This then forms the method used to undertake the works.

Safety is our top priority, and the Safety-First initiative is taught throughout the company. Our operatives are well trained, ensuring they meet the highest standards for safe demolition works.

BuildIn guarantees minimal disruption to the surrounding area through numerous methods including dust suppression with a managed amount of water, noise and traffic management. We adhere to appropriate delivery times, undertake leaflet drops in the local area prior to works and segregate zones for public and employee safety.